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Event Services

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RSD is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to the running community. Whether it's organizing a local charity run or managing a large-scale marathon, we offer a range of services tailored to ensure smooth and successful events. From race planning and logistics to race creative or announcing, our team is committed to delivering top-notch assistance at every stage of the process.


We understand the unique challenges event organizers face, and we strive to alleviate their burdens by offering reliable solutions and expert guidance. Our goal is not just to manage races but to foster a vibrant and inclusive running community by facilitating memorable and well-executed events that inspire participants of all levels to achieve their goals and embrace the joy of running. 

Race San Diego event team


Race organization and promotion are the corner stones of our business. We are excited to work with for profit and non-profit organizations to help bring their event vision to life. We are happy to provide the direction and equipment needs to help the event..


Have an event or branding idea but don't know where to start? The Race San Diego team is excited to sit down with you and learn about your vision. We are happy to assist you with sales, branding, social media help, or overall event planning help.


Need some branding help or design work?  

Race San Diego can assist you with your logo, medal, event shirt, and website design needs.  Our team will sit down with you and discuss your vision to help us understand the best way to assist you.


Have an event but need someone to bring the energy to your participants? We are proud to offer event announcing or MC services. With over 15 years of announcing experience, we know what it takes to bring the energy to your event. 


Your event is a brand, and what your brand brings to the swag table is important. People participate in events for either of these items so you need to make sure you are offering up some great swag! The ERS will help design in house, and connect you to both manufactures and printers to help you save money.


You got the event idea, the location, and registration is open, BUT your lacking some of the necessary equipment to make the event come to life. Well RSD has you covered. We offer a variety of event equipment to make your event look its best. Barricade, PA System, Generators, Tents, Tables, and more

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